HR Staff Database & Workforce Management Solution for Restaurant & Bar Operators.

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Thrive Hospitality has all the features to manage, forecast and plan your workforce from scheduling to calculating annual leave.

Our software is available to you and your staff from anywhere. There’s nothing to install. No plugins and nothing to download, all you need is a browser and you are ready to let your business Thrive.


save time
on payroll!

Simply export the schedule of the month and send it to your accountant saving 4h per week on organising payrolls and payments

save time
for managers!

Thrive Rota saves your manager on average 3h per week by scheduling with our Rota System and save hours of admin work

save money
for your business

Controlling your staff cost is vital to control your profit. With Thrive Rota System you always have your staff cost and budget under control and you save money!



Decrease the time it takes to schedule your staff from hours to minutes. Eliminate shift conflicts, avoid human error and produce perfect timesheets every month.  

HR & Staff Database

 Just as employees are at the heart of any business so the HR & Staff database is the heart of Thrive Hospitality. The HR & Staff database is the hub of the wheel to which all other functionality is linked and it is the single location for all your employee data.  

Multiple Locations

See how your staff are being scheduled across multiple locations in one place providing you with greater oversight.      

Annual Leave, Sickness & Overtime

Annual leave holiday planner, manage absence, monitor sickness. Thrive Hospitality can calculate how many cumulative hours an employee has done – this calculation could be used to determine the accrued hours holidays entitled in any given year at any given time.

Clock In Clock Out

Keep track of employee time and attendance behaviour with a click of a button included within our software, or for the real demanding ones try our NEW BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT CLOCKING IN SYSTEM.  

Forecast & Cost Tracking

Stay on top of your staff costs to maximise your profit by combining schedules, pay rates, holidays and overtime rates. With a detailed forecast for future staffing requirements,  planning and budgeting becomes more accurate.
per user/per month
( Does not include custom setup fee or Biometric monthly functionality or reader. )
  • Create great staff rotas in minutes
  • Export timesheets to your payroll with a single click
  • 100% cloud - access anywhere
  • Evaluations & Training
  • Compliance & Employee Relations
  • Build Team’s
  • Costed schedules
  • Custom Pay Rates 
  • Leave & Holiday Management
  • Track Time & Attendance with location capture and biometric technology
  • Manage Sickness & Accrued hours holidays entitled in any given year at any given time.
  • On-boarding/roll out assistance
  • Dedicated account manager


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